24th December 2022.

Got a bit worried just now I’d forgot to write up my birthday, but I did that on the day to confuse myself. The George put on the Bass as soon as I’d left.

I also mentioned I’d been conned into joining our two lads on their Christmas Eve crawl of Kelham with the promise of Bass (keg, sold out),

but I should be grateful they’ll still be seen with me.

They really liked Alder,

the space currently unused while Sheffield Brewery has paused production.

Boak and Bailey found it “lively” on their trip, and I can see that, but Alder has a distinctive atmosphere I can’t describe and was my favourite Sheffield pub of 2022.

A bit Bowie obsessed, mind, and we were pleased to pop across the road to Grafters (sister pub to the Shirkers?), a weekend only playing all your naff Christmas hits.

Not much choice (hoorah) but the Belgian Blue was GBG standard.

and the service was Champions League, the guvnor showing us how to turn the outside heaters on and really making us all feel welcome.

Sometimes, Sheffield just feels TOO good.


  1. Gwen Stefani! I can never take anyone called Gwen seriously given that I had an aunty Gwen who looked like the back end of a bus


    1. My phone froze on me! I meant to add she also lived in Rhyl, thus removing any further Gwen credibility. On the upside, her husband, my uncle Perce was a mad Tranmere fan and took me to my first football match.

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