10th December 2022.

A final post from a great day avoiding England v France (did we win ?) in Hull.

Leaving Ye Olde White Harte before the “Kumbaya” singer started on “Agadoo“, I was delighted to stumble on this long thought lost engraving from the GBG Tickers AGM last week.

The Old Town looked gorgeous, and it took great courage to stay out of the Kingston,

opposite the Minster.

Instead, we pressed on to complete this little photographic record of the ACTUAL “Kingston”.

I insisted Mrs RM pop across the new footbridge over the A63 to see the revitalised and classy Fruitmarket area by the docks, packed with the elegant folk of Hull (Bridlington, probably).

And thence to the Humber.

It’s too long since we visited the Deep. And the Minerva, a sanctuary of consistency in a changing city.

We’ll be back.

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