7th December 2022.

It’s taking longer to write up Stafford than we actually spend in the town (about 4 hours). Here’s pubs 6 and 7.

From the disappointing and empty Vine we crossed a couple of roads to the Rose & Crown, where Joules’s gleaming handpumps appealed, but not as much as the Old No. 6 hiding on the other bar.

Which is EXACTLY what Paul and Will and I did a year ago. Except that this time I scored a 4 rather than a 3.5.

And Paul didn’t complain too much about the fakeness of Joules pubs (he has a point) and we all thought it rather splendid.

Except for one thing.

IT WAS SO COLD. I know it’s expensive to heat pubs, but I guess a fair few folk will be visiting to warm up, as well as to drink beer, however good.

Perhaps a bit more body heat from other customers would help,

and you’d certainly have got that standing at the bar in the Coach and Horses.

But you know my views on standing at the bar, and we took our Doom Bar back to a rare free table to enjoy Britain’s favourite cask beer.

Except we didn’t; it wasn’t very good. NO ! YOU take it back.

I’ve had very good things to say about Craft Union, and still do, but this was a disappointment in all respects.

Even the music was off; Shazam couldn’t identify “Nights In White Satin” so perhaps that was counterfeit.

Would we have preferred to shiver in the Rose & Crown with great beer ? Tough call.

Nice map, mind.

6 thoughts on “BEER v COMFORT

  1. Drinking cool/cold beer in the cold is one of my (many) pet hates, it’s one of the (many) reasons I stopped going to CAMRA winter beer festivals where the comfort of the beer often comes ahead of the comfort of customers. We seem to heading back to the days of old photos where blokes in overcoats and hats huddled around a barely smouldering taproom fire trying to keep warm. If pubs can’t make money they’ll close, but if they’re not comfortable they won’t attract fussy customers like me and will close. Dilemma.

    Our New Year Day venue yesterday was the Cardigan Arms in Corby Village, it was made over as a Craft Union pub last year, the Doom Bar was poor. Coincidence?…

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    1. Agree on beer festivals. Seem to be for the benefit of beer tickers and perpetual volunteers rather than customers. Dreadful long table seating and grumpy blokes who come with their mates from a CAMRA branch and won’t talk to anyone else.

      In fairness, that Joules pub was the only one I felt cold in Stafford, but not the only one they could have done with a fire this last month.

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    2. In the old days before central heating, the gents would take off their overcoats in the pub, but leave their jackets on unless it was particularly warm weather. It was never *that* warm away from the fire in winter.

      The Rose & Crown was probably the coldest pub I’ve been in this Autumn/Winter, although no doubt it would have warmed up later – they had only just opened. On the other hand, I have been in a couple that struck me as pretty toasty – presumably not places where the landlord pays the energy bills himself.

      Worth mentioning that the Rose & Crown played “Master of Puppets”, which made a refreshing change from the ubiquitous autotuned pap.


  2. There was a good atmosphere in the Coach & Horses, although it must be admitted that bar view is pretty representative of the clientele in general.


  3. “Paul didn’t complain too much about the fakeness of Joules pubs” but I like the beer.
    The Rose & Crown might have beer the coldest pub t’other Mudgie’s been in since the now-closed gun shop micropub six years ago this month.

    Indeed “there was a good atmosphere in the Coach & Horses” and it’s the first time in 49 years I’ve had disappointing beer there. It was just about Stafford’s best pub from 1974 to 1989 when kept by Ray Till. Rebuilt in 1921, it’s just over a century old.

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