7th December 2022.

Pub No. 3 (of 10) on the Stafford “pub crawl”, sorry tutored pub exploration, and one of the few places in town I hadn’t been in before.

Actually, I didn’t think I’d been in the Market Vaults before, but now I see it used to be the Joxer Brady when it had a short and unremarkable stay in the Guide. Why, oh why, would you change a traditional pub name like Joxer Brady.

Good start, anyway, with a deluxe mobility scooter on the doorstep.

And, seen at a certain angle, this looks a pleasing just-off-market square pub.

But that colour scheme ! And the word “burger” painted on the walls !

And those Old Blokes standing huddled at the bar when only one of them are paying. SIT DOWN !

Will and the Mudg(i)es were surveying the curated ranged of cask delights like in the Viz cartoon while I claimed the last free seat underneath the picture of a patty.

I seemed to be the only one delighted at the sole pump, dispensing Wainwright from memory. Will made the official notes (below),

which will be passed on his will (Will’s will) to the Wetherspoons Museum of Pubs as a tax deductible gift.

My own sole note says “U2 Still haven’t found, Flashdance, 3.5+). Can that beer score be true ?

And who on earth is this ?


  1. I think my beer must have been better than yours, as I made it NBSS 4. As you can see from the reflection in my glass of my pen and notebook.

    When we visited Stafford in November 2021 they had Jennings Cumberland Ale at this pub, which Paul persuaded me to try, and it was amazing. So they obviously know how to look after their cask beer at the Market Vaults. Or Joxer Brady, if you insist.

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  2. Until 1995 this was the Chains, a pub I first remember as having a six day license and the proper Joules Bitter. In 1974 I drank in there with Peter Linley who worked in Cannock and two years earlier had the brilliant idea of the Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale becoming the Campaign for Real Ale.

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