5th December 2022.

I spent the tram journey back from Radcliffe looking at a flurry of comments following the Telegraph article, none of which seemed to be actionable.

Back in Manchester, I suddenly fancied a traditional Mancunian boozer.

But instead ended up in Fierce,

drinking a pint of something murky while I tried to read the article without subscribing to the Telegraph.

Only one way to finish the night, with a visit to Ancoats and the best graffiti in the North,

and a visit to the best curry caff in the Northern Quarter.

I doubt there’s anywhere less attractively situated than Cafe Marhaba, and I count This & That in that assessment.

It’s in the litter strewn alley running between Piccadilly Gardens and Dale Street’s bars, and although he lives 2 minutes walk away Matt has never been (possibly because it’s shut weekends).

To me Marhaba captures the spirit of the curry caffs that were so lauded in those 1990s copies of the Manchester Beer Guide that drew me to the city.

Five tables, jug of water on each, tender lamb curries and naan about £7. Nothing fancy on the menu, but this is wonderful curry, even if Curryheute seems to have had mixed views.

Sadly, I still had 20 minutes before the train to Sheffield, just enough for a half schooner in Port St, which I always feel I should like more than I actually do.

What goes well after a Lamb Rogan Gosht ? It probably wasn’t the Schofferhofer.

By the time I’d left I’d “crafted” a response to Will’s interview to post, and everybody except my mum knew I’d bought a new jacket especially for the Telegraph.

7 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF MARHABA

  1. It was always Yagdar/Yadgar when I was in Manc – three and rice. And my three was always thrice the lamb curry.

    Close contest between it and Stockton’s Vadah for my last meal…

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      1. Which is wherefrom I composed that post! Four pints

        It’s such a true line that other blog said that “I don’t really like the pub”, but a two inch head makes it worthwhile.

        Still it’s a ten minute walk for which I am grateful

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