“In the City there’s a thousand pubs but I only need two”

16th November 2022.

A second City pub in quick succession, after silently cursing (“Oh, tasters !”) I couldn’t do the Olde Mitre.

Honestly, there was no need for London to erect this statue of me with the Good Beer Guide Completion trophy, something Messi will never hold.

I thought I’d have visited the Inn of Court before; I’ve been to enough Fullers Pie & Ale Houses over the years.

But the spreadsheet said no. So here I am, counting out pennies to buy a half of Pride again, when you know BRAPA would have gone straight for a pint of ESB as he is the GOAT.

The walk from Farringdon to Holborn takes you through Hatton Garden, site of a robbery on a scale only slightly lower than the £2.85 a half charged here, though with Spoons price increases that was almost a bargain.

Things were different way back when;

The lovely, cheery staff weren’t rushed off their feet. I’ve never seen a Holborn pub so empty.

£17.50 your Cornish pasty clearly isn’t bringing in the value diners.

A couple of City suits came in and surveyed the advertised “craft”, which in 2022 means Beavertown.

But that’s the slightly downbeat take.

This is a gorgeous pub, with a range of comfortable seating and a London Pride that reached the heights of NBSS 3.5, and the soundtrack of the day.

And if I hadn’t got an interview that afternoon, I might have gone back for that £7 ESB and £17 pasty and spilt it all down the jacket Mrs RM had made me buy so I didn’t look a slob for the photographer.

8 thoughts on ““In the City there’s a thousand pubs but I only need two”

    1. The beer guide is only about the quality of the beer served up by the publican, Morten. There’s loads of places less characterful than those Fullers pie shops, most Spoons for example. And it was a good half of London Pride. The ESB Simon often finishes his trip to London with is superb.


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