Blimey. A new Guide entry on the same page of the map as Waterbeach. That’s the first in a while.

I was convinced I’d been to the Three Tuns in Fen Drayton before, and I know I have,

but in 2018 when I visited the RSPB site it was closed and it’s not on my GBG spreadsheet and the spreadsheet takes precedence over my memory these days.

I knew Fen Drayton’s thatched village pub was a bit upmarket,

but the extent of it (admittedly on a Sunday lunchtime) was quite something.

Adnams on keg is always a sign of smart diner, the cask pumps an odd bunch.

Believe it or not, this little bench in front of the fire was the only seat left;

Even more unlikely, the often disappointing Wherry was superb, a rich and viscous 3.5.

Whoever owns the Three Tuns have gone for the nostalgia look; that photo of the Fen Drayton team from 1960 brought back memories for my Dad when I showed him later. Memories from an age when the goalie was the shortest bloke on the pitch and wore a cloth cap. How football has changed.


    1. Definitely always a foody pub, Andy, more so than the one in the next village (Swavesey) that made the Beer Guide.

      I’m impressed local branch identified the good quality of their beer.


  1. Wow -I would be on the seat by the fire like a shot (although this can end up being too hot as we discovered in Greenwich yesterday _we had to keep moving round the table so no one got over heated )

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