“mind your head”. Too late, Man of Kent.

One of the “bonuses” of the caravan in Rye is we get to visit the in-laws, about 30 miles up the A21 near Tonbridge/Royal Tunbridge Wells.

11th November 2022.

The most challenging aspect of visits to the Spencers used to be actually getting out of the house, as the key to the locked door was hidden for the duration of my visit.

But of late the in-laws have been happy to visit pubs, as you may remember from that glorious Summer of 2021 when they stayed in Sheffield for two (2) weeks.

The Man of Kent in Little Mill (in 2023 it will appear under East Pekham), had the appeal of a drive out through Paddock Wood, where Mrs RM lived as a child, dreaming of marrying a pub ticker in her 20s.

None of us had heard of Little Mill or the pub, though there’s a small mention of it on Tonbridge Paul’s blog.

Looks gorgeous, doesn’t it ? Real fish (as opposed to plastic ones) swam by in the stream.

Always read the instructions on the door.

“Ouch !”. There’s benefits to being a titch. Honestly, how short were people in the Olden Times ?

You sit down and I’ll get the beers.

Ouch“. ALL the beams are too low.

I was taking against the pub, but apart from one group of gentlefolk lunchers to the left, everyone was drinking pints, like in a South London suburb on Sunday.

Dave has noticed the number of non-micro new entries in GBG23, many of them seemingly unchanged since the days of national strikes and fuel shortages.

And no, I’d never heard of “Olde Spotty“.

A gorgeous, unspoilt pub, which you’d assume runs on upmarket food but was actually shifting pints to Old Boys sitting at the bar selling poppies.

3 and a half pints of Harvey’s and Tonbridge and some artisan pretzels improbably cost £16.40, which isn’t much over £4 a pint.

Lovely cool, rich, beer too (NBSS 3.5).

The Harvey’s seemed to be having the desired soporific effect.

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