30th October 2022.

A first visit of the new GBG year to the area known as Greater Stroud.

Anyone reading the Telegraph and attempting to recreate my travels may alternately know this as “Just below those posh Gloucester Services, near that nice vegan football club“.

I’m rambling because it’s a struggle to really describe the Royal Oak at Bibstone (or is it Cromhall ?)

Wikipedia is your friend, so here I bring you the Wiki entry for Bibstone IN ITS ENTIRETY.

My own notes from a whirlwind visit aren’t much longer, and the best pic is the one I just pinched from their website, but it tells you quite a lot about the place. Mainly set for Sunday lunch, a few stools at the bar and round the wall, one large table for eight looking a bit out of place on its own.

Three young uniformed staff fought to take my order for a half of Uley (a chilled but tasty NBSS 3), so they were obviously expecting a bit of trade.

And at 12:05 (I was anxiously pacing up and down at 11:57) they started to appear. ALL with dogs. In a week when the BIG pub story is about an Amber Valley allegedly too child friendly it’s interesting to see how much our pubs rely on diners with canines.

I went for a look round, cos I’m nosey. Here’s the quaint room up a flight of steps.

Nice country pub, even though high tables don’t do it for me.

Sadly, I failed to add to the world’s knowledge of Bibstone.


  1. According to Gloucestershire Pubs & Breweries “The Royal Oak is located at Bibstone an area in Cromhall”.

    There, you know something about Bibstone now!


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