OK, cobs not baps.

On with the Derby Bass hunt. As many will tell you, much that is good about the British pub lies outside the Good Beer Guide.

I headed towards the Five Lamps, but then remembered this little gem.

I’m not sure the Woodlark has been in the GBG, a bloke in a micro suggested it to me, but Rev James and Bass aren’t enough for Guide entry these days.

Either that, or the wonky Bass pump clip counts against it.

It’s a wonky sort of pub, I guess.

The jukebox is, anyway, Some metalcore gives way to “Knowing Me, Knowing You” and then some vintage crooning. No-one seems entirely happy with the choices.

Apart from me. Bass £3.30, drier than at the Old Bell and consequently a bit better (3.5), and a freshly prepared cheese and onion roll for a couple of quid. I am the happiest man alive.

Lacings never lie.

John returns his Dancing Duck glass to the bar.

“‘nother one John ?


A man must know his limits, just as I do. I follow John out.

“See ya duck”.


    1. Indeed, Bill, and there also has to be something on the jukebox for everyone – but everyone – to hate. It’s a prerequisite.

      Talking of which, let’s hope that the right people hate this eh? 😉

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  1. Cracking pub that few seem to know about, presumably something to do with being on the wrong side of the ring road. There’s a rule of thumb in that somewhere…

    We were directed by the same solidly ‘hmm, you’re not locals!’ Landlady to the rear carpeted section as we were two-dogs up at this stage, carpets being more absorbent presumably. We made the mistake of drinking something pale, hoppy, very nice, but not Bass. I will visit this pub anytime I find myself in Derby.

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