Two ticks in the bag, and still only 15:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. If I go home now I’ll get roped in to putting the Christmas tree up, and you know my views on that.

And besides, the Landlord at the Creaky Floorboard had basically instructed me to pop in the Five Lamps for Bass.

Derby gets surprisingly interesting and leafy as you stroll in from the north-west.

Ah yes, the Five Lamps, I remember that opening 10 years or so ago with as many handpumps.

Reassuringly, Everards know how to run/lease/whatever decent pubs, and the Five Lamps has both decent midweek trade (20 at a guess) and a line-up of beers you’ve heard of.

SOMEONE will still ask what the beer is between Proper Job and Peak Ales Gold, won’t they ? I see that bloke on the right wondering.

Obviously, my dream pub had just Draught Bass poured into a jug, Carling and cheese and onion baps*.

But I understand that some people like the perception of choice, even if everyone here seemed to be on the Bass, with 3 pints poured in 3 minutes. Blimey, is that a Plum Porter clip turned round I see ?

As you’ll note, this was a near faultless pint, improving as it cleared (3.5), the suds clinging to the side, both of the glass and me.

But it was the joy in the pub that again impressed, a real mix of folk enjoying “Knock On Wood” and “Ring My Bell” and unsolicited gardening advice about Sweet Williams, though that may be a pub.

One of the beers went off and the landlady brought up a jug of it from the cellar. Might even have been Bass; come here at the right time and get it as nature, if not the brewer, intends.

I left to the joyous sound of a regular complaining about the price of crisps in a Cockney accent.

A pahnd for a packet of crisps !


Can Derby get any better than this ?

*other words for bread rolls acceptable


  1. Handsome pub that, though I have to say it’s never been a favourite. Bit too big, wherever you sit it feels like you’re on your own rather than in a shared space. On balance I prefer the Smithfield or the Falstaff.


  2. Bass is class in Derby! Everyone loves the 5 Lamps…however, last time I went i reckoned the beer was on the turn and the barman disagreed and wouldn’t change it so I drank a poor pint and decided I wouldn’t return. I am in the minority though as everyone else seems to have a great time. I should bite the bullet and head back there again…


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