28 September 2022. ANOTHER day in Sheffield. ANOTHER escape attempt to avoid gardening (I’m sure there was a skip outside our house permanently in September).

It was odd having no (zero, 0) GBG pubs left to do, but there’s plenty of boozers left in Greater Sheffield, and a Supertram to take you there;

Only the most adventurous come out to Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre (the connoisseur’s alternative to Meadowhall), and Pubs Galore seems to have left me to visit the Milestone.

Technically I could (and should) have walked (2hrs 40) to this low key Marston’s diner, but frankly life is too short, and I feel duty bound to support public transport. And pubs.

The Milestone didn’t much need my support, being packed with pensioners at 13:55. In a weird sense, this is the sort of pub I wanted to visit at lunchtimes when I retired, before it became apparent that only chain diners would actually be open at lunchtimes.

Last year Will and I had a pint of Pedigree in another suburban Sheffield diner that Will thought was “The best pint of beer ever ever“*, and my hopes were high despite the swapping of Pedi for Wainwright here. Should have gone for Hobgoblin, but I wasn’t even sure if this was cask.

The Thwaites was £3.90, at the top end of my expectations, but in other respects was competing well with Spoons on price.

Apart from a spot called “Roger’s Corner“, there was little for the drinker,

but you’ll find few cheerier places on a weekday, aided no doubt by the 1990’s Duran soundtrack.

A very ’90s decor, too, but spotless throughout.

Wish I could have raved about the beer, but this was the pint for which NBSS 2.5 rating might have been invented.

OK, let’s go shopping….

*This isn’t actually true but will be a test of whether Will reads this blog or not.

12 thoughts on “CRYSTAL PEAKS

    1. …and I’ve re-read last year’s blog about the Winter Green, which confirms what my memory had told me, that I had Bombardier not Pedigree. And “the best pint of beer ever ever“? I may be old but I haven’t completely lost it yet. Maybe the best pint ever in a Marstons community diner.

      I see you haven’t done that review of the Milestone for Pubs Galore yet. I suppose I’ll have to go out to Crystal Peaks after all.

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      1. “Maybe the best pint ever in a Marstons community diner.” will do for me.

        I daren’t go on Pubs Galore, they’ll expect tasting notes, or me to join Mastodon or whatever it’s called.


  1. This is spot on: “Wish I could have raved about the beer, but this was the pint for which NBSS 2.5 rating might have been invented.” The thing about beer scoring is that sometimes you just know when a beer is a 2.5. I had a St Austell Tribute in Elland last week that was exactly that.

    Also last week I had a superb beer at the Blake Hotel on Tuesday – Vale of Glamorgan Maverick. I made it NBSS 4.5 and had a second pint. I was there again three days later and had the same beer. It wasn’t off, or tired, and it may well have been a different barrel, but it just wasn’t as good and I made it NBSS 3.5. So I switched to Kirkstall Dissolution IPA, which I have drunk many times at the Cardigan Arms in Leeds (where it has varied between 3, 3.5 and 4) , and I think also at the Blake (but before I started using the scoring system). And to show that the lower mark for the Maverick wasn’t because of my jaded taste buds, *this* one was NBSS 4.5.

    I think I may have said in jest that all the beers at the Blake are NBSS 5, probably on some occasion when you had given one a 3.5. Obviously that’s not true, but NBSS 3.5 is definitely on the low side for their beers.

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  2. I think Banks’s’s first Milestone pub, not that there are many of them, was built at New Invention during the 1980s coinciding with their “Banks’s – the beer drinkers’ milestone” era.


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