I visited the parents the week after The Completion, as much to make sure the Waterbeach takeaways were surviving as to check up on Mum and Dad.

And I popped in to help Sis sell flowers and veg down the field, mainly by keeping out the way.

That week after the Queen died, before the funeral, saw crowds descend on significant places like Ely; sticking flowers in a cannon is an odd tribute.

Dad managed a walk round the Cathedral, which is looking as good as I’ve ever seen it.

Pleasingly, the unassuming Minster Tavern has entered the new GBG for the first time in yonks, proving it’s not just micros and Taps that make the Guide.

Back in Waterbeach, Andrew and Helen were delighted the Sun retains its place despite intense city competition.

And if Simon is missing his ESB fix,

he could always pop over the Fens for the best pint I’ve had since the Victoria.

I love the way the Sun rotates its customers more than the Guide rotates Chesterfield entries. It sells more cask than anywhere locally, although these visitors were to be disappointed at the lack of meals.

Well, it’s hardly as if Waterbeach is short of takeaway options, is it ?

Yes, the Beach Best Kebab again.

Would have been nice to wash it down with a bottle of Royal Bass Lager, but someone had drunk it, 41 years ago.

Talking of royalty, I took Dad to the monthly opening of Waterbeach Barracks Museum on the Sunday.

He remembers this chap visiting when he was six;

Hard to imagine being starting primary school with a constant threat of bombs falling.

Never forget.


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