After a disappointing Landlord in Little Downham on Tuesday, I thought I might as well stop and enjoy the downpour in Ely before getting squashed against bikes on the train home.

Ely Cathedral really is a wonder now they’ve taken the scaffolding off and put live ammunition in the cannon.

Be gone with you, Devil Craft

As Paul Bailey wrote when he visited with us last year, the view from the meadows (i.e.  from Bryan’s chippy) is the star, but the front isn’t shabby, either.

Ely Cathedral

That view from outside the Minster Tavern (top) may be the best though.  Inside, five classic BBBs and a frisson of Craft.


Which one’s going fastest ?” I asked.

The Rev” said the honest lady.

One sip proved I was right to ask. A cool chewy beer reminiscent of 6X at its best.

The Rev

Two cheery ladies with pints of Hop House admired my Reverend.

Ooh. Is that an ale ?”

It is. It’s lovely (it was). You should have one next“.

So a point for recognising ladies can drink two pints at a sitting, and a point lost for recommending they exceed the Governmental alcohol limits.


I’m hoping to get into the Top 10 for “Blogs celebrating the scum on a pint of real ale“.  This Rev James was tremendous, improving from NBSS 3.5 to 4 over time.

Scum. In a good way

It’s a lovely place.  There’s a bit too much tat, 6 Nations and promotions especially, but it had the feel of a locals pub anyone can go too at any time of the day. Food dominates the riverside pubs but was playing second fiddle here.

Bench seating

Of course, there’s no getting away from Harry Kane. Or Ed Sheeran, whose Galway Girl ushered me out.

That Harry Kane is a flash in the pan

No, I didn’t have time for chips on the way to the station.









  1. “That view from outside the Minster Tavern (top) may be the best though.”

    Agreed. 🙂

    “Inside, five classic BBBs”

    Ooh! I had a bottle of Cumberland a few days ago. Not bad.

    “It’s a lovely place.”

    Agreed. 🙂


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      1. I-Dave gets cask at his”local” brewery- suffer through bottles and draft for 50 weeks of the year. The other two are spent drinking cask in England.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “Bottles consumed at home are the work of the devil”

        What did you do when your kids were younger Martin, you couldn’t leave them home alone, you couldn’t take them to the pub, and you fancied a beer? Asking for a friend

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  2. Might be my first time hearing of the Rev James; sounds like a good one. I give them points for the classy pump clip. I’m more conservative than most when it comes to this sort of thing; I want a beer label to look like a boring old beer label, rather than a candy-colored print you could hang in a modern art gallery. If it looks like it was designed in the 1930s and hardly even tweaked since then, it’ll win my heart for sure. 🙂

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      1. I’d have chosen the Proper Job, as I like that beer, whereas I don’t really like the other 4 on offer. Rev James would have been my 2nd choice. Was it actually nice, as opposed to merely well-presented?

        Do they really need 4 very similar brown bitters on? The whole point of offering choice is that you actually offer choice.

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  3. Celebration of scum – there’s an emerging science for you.

    I can see there’s a hole developing in that scum – probably a global warming effect….which may have also been responsible for improving it….

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