With Dad comfortable back home in his armchair watching “Pointless” (Google it, Americans), I popped back to Addenbrookes to pick up some new pills.

The hospital occupies a giant treatment and medical research site (now incorporating Papworth) on the southern edge of Cambridge, in what is pretty much a pub desert.

But the only pub within walking distance is the new local Pub of the Year.

If honest, I’m a bit surprised the Queen Edith won, it’s just felt like a community focused all-rounder with very good beer since it was built as Milton Brewery’s third pub in 2015.

But perhaps there’s your answer right there. Community pubs aimed at all ages with good food and beer aren’t ten-a-penny, except in Sheffield.

The “old” Edith replaced a scuzzy but wonderful (Ind Coope Burton) selling pub a mile from my last workplace; the “new” Edith isn’t scuzzy, but it is looking more lived in by the year.

They seem to be focusing more on their own beers these days, but it’s still an ambitious range;

But at 17:45, it was selling plenty of bitter, some of it mixed with lemonade. The first bitter shandy of 2022.

If you’re waiting for a bus, be aware the clocks are all stopped at 17:07, the time Pfeffel announced the first lockdown in 2020.

I see from searching my own blog (not advised) I brought Matt here twice in 2018 to eat, and there’s still a good pizza trade, but essentially this is the boozer for a mixed housing area between hospital and Cherry Hinton.

Banter centred on hearing tests, the soundtrack on obscure country music,

and your flagship Pegasus looked and tasted like beer should (NBSS 3.5+).

OK, one chap did come in and ask for a taster. But this is Cambridge, we can forgive a minor indiscretion.


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