Hopefully you’ve read my youngest son’s views this morning and can see what an emerging PubMan we have under development.

“I know that Cambridge is boring and micro pubs (read:bottle shops) are for trendy hipsters.”

But that doesn’t mean I’m not glad he’s off with his College for trips to the Italian Alps and Barcelona this Spring, during which I have ticking work to do.

Matt and I spent an hour at the parents evening for the Ski trip, which informs parents;

A maximum of two alcoholic drinks will be allowed during the evening meal

That’ll be two litres of Cloudwater DIPA, then*.

I took Matt for tea at the nearby Queen Edith.  He’s a bit bored of me telling him they sell beers from our village, but not bored of a proper tea.

Queen Edith


Matt was adamant this isn’t a pub, as it had a flat roof and looks like a house.  I don’t know if that’s what Milton Brewery sought to achieve when they built this on the sight of a venerable estate pub selling Ansells Mild (RIP).

I was pleased to see it reasonably busy early on Tuesday evening, mainly with diners in the right hand bar but with a decent collection of drinkers arrayed across the bar. Sir Humphrey would have been pleased with their language.

Bar life

Looking a bit more “lived-in” than on opening, there’s a good mix of seating and a fish tank nicked from the set of “Finding Nemo”.


It looks like a bit of keg has joined the cask.  Oh dear, oh dear.

Loadsa beers

I still reckon that’s a hefty beer range, the norm for the Milton estate, but there was plenty of cask being pulled.


A very smooth pint of Sparta (NBSS 3.5), to accompany an abrasive (Mudgie-approved) soundtrack of “Paranoid” and “Locomotive Breath“.  I got my copy of Aqualung out when I got back.


The food is still less than a tenner for home-cooked grub which seems to be competing with the Brakes Bros fayre of nearby chain pubs.

Proper chips

A well-run pub, a well-run brewery.

Remember, Milton, stick a pub in your home village and I promise to visit at least once a month.  You know it makes sense.


*I am joking, Mrs RM.

By the way, I’ve checked with Mumsnet and you DO have an apostrophe at the end of Parents.  You should always check with Mumsnet.


17 thoughts on “PARENTS’ EVENING

  1. “but not bored of a proper tea.”

    I think that’s true of all growing lads. 🙂

    “Loadsa beers”

    And hopefully when the Dave runs out they love to tell folks who order it that “Dave’s not here man”. 😉

    “I got my copy of Aqualung out when I got back.”

    I have Locomotive Breath and Aqualung on my ‘faves’ playlist in the car when I’m driving to places such as Nanaimo and Victoria.

    “and you DO have an apostrophe at the end of Parents.”

    Yup. Possessive singular the apostrophe is before the ‘s’; for plural possessive it’s after. 🙂


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      1. “Just tell Russ Canada is a Pound Shop America and your wish will come true.”

        Considering the current value of our currency I can’t really argue with that. 😉


      2. “Don’t be ridiculous; Canada is one of the better American states, certainly as good as Missouri.”

        Phew! For a second there I read that as Mississippi. (LOL)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Went there recently for the first time on a Sunday afternoon, a few of the locals were mixing their Pegasus with Manns Brown Ale which was a little intriguing to the uninitiated of this custom.

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