Two ticks to go and England would fall !

Two in Wiltshire, both of which had contrived to defeat us back in April by being closed (it works, try it).

In its defence the Hiding Place had put its correct opening hours on Facebook (not very 2022, that), and I was delighted to have an hour to “get to know” Melksham, whose slogan cost Upper Outer Wilts Council £3.7million from Saaatchi and Saaatchi.

Is it Great ? It’ll do. On a day when temperatures hit the 30s, it was good to see Melksham pubs letting staff wear summer clothing.

I gave my pre-tick custom to the Spoons, a can of San Pellegrino for £1.25.

Nice Spoons too, very floral (top). As was the best part of the town, in a street just off the church. Very Hitchin-like.

The really nice quarter has been preserved in 1922 black and white by local bylaw.

But it wasn’t posh. Don’t worry, it wasn’t Trowbridge, either.

There’s no craft, bar Punk in the Spoons, in Trowbridge.

Let’s not go over the top. The Hiding Place IS a one room craft bar. They DID try to force a taster on me (“A pint’s a taster,a pint’s a taster”) and there was no-one singing Elvis.

But there was excellent local beer (Stealth Brew Covert),

and the chap behind the bar was a gem, and within 10 minutes it was full of people more skimpily dressed than me.

And they were playing “If You Could Read My Mind“. Is that country music ?


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