I always thought Aberfoyle (pop. 790) was in Wales, so the August trip to Tick the Lomond/Trossachs chapter was educational as well as triumphant, though I still have no idea who Mr(s) Trossach is/was.

These “gateway” villages to the hills are pretty much one long street with a garage, Co-op, two hotels (one with cask) and a wool shop called “Ewe’bd Been Fleeced” (honest).

You’ll end up with the rest of the tourists at the Forth Inn,

wondering what those opening times mean.

A busy family hotel with impressive floral displays, dog friendly approach (though the dogs were notably NOT friendly to each other) and lots of local charity boxes (always a good sign).

Busy inside and out, despite an eyewatering £14.95 for the signature Scottish dish of Macaroni and Cheese. You could buy that old Middlesbrough player of that name for that.

Yet another lone pump pub, despite a million pump clips on the ceiling and a website boasting of umpteen local beers, but I admire that singular approach to quality, and the Schiehallion was a cool and crisp NBSS 3+. In fact, none of the beer I had in Scotland was noticeably warm.

Even if the beer was rubbish, pubs always give the little joy of life drama played out for your entertainment. A family group were perusing the cheaper food options.

What’s…..Ceeabatter ?”

Cheebatter, Brian, is an Italian bread. You wouldn’t like it” mansplained the wife/

OK, it’s hardly worth driving from Sheffield to the Trossachs for, but it’s still better than anything on BBC tonight.


  1. “…but it’s still better than anything on BBC tonight.”

    It looks like you will have missed Papua New Guinea v Tonga on BBC3 in the Rugby League World Cup. You might catch it on the i-Player tomorrow morning, so I won’t tell you the score.

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