I needed three attacks on Cornwall to finish the GBG entries, due to one of them “not having a chef” and one of them being a micro and all.

But at least that micro was in Bude, one of the few UK towns I’d never stopped in. No idea why, I must have whizzed by on the A39 enough times heading for Bideford and wondering why Bude never seemed to grace the Guide.

The answer seems to be it’s the Withernsea of the north. More pasty shops than pubs, and the “End Destination” is something called BED; read into that what you like.

There’s a real “lads with baseball caps sitting on walls” vibe I quite liked.

Shamefully, I assumed the town was a bit drab. Should have studied the OS extract first;

The Bude Canal is quite something, a real family funfair of a place with your chance to drive cars on water.

And Summerleaze Beach, despite sounding like something out of the Wicker Man, was a joy.

I’d been warned that the Barrel was a bit idiosyncratic, possibly by someone who asked for a taster (“burn him“),

but I found the guvnor an absolute joy, and a quirky pub with vinyl system was only let down by the playing of the Eagles “Peaceful Easy Feeling“.

I enjoyed the West Coast IPA (3.5) sitting on the bench outside,

took my glass back, and the Guvnor said “Cheers Bud(e)”, which really should have been my blog title but I’ve just fixed my Linn LP12 and I’m back playing the Beatles.

9 thoughts on “HEY, BUDE

    1. He comes over as quite a musical soul, from a like family, doesn’t he Dave?

      The Moment Of Truth though, is whether he can sing – as karaoke – The Girl From Impanema without going into the Star Trek sig tune.


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