Scotland is a wonderful country, full of “characterful” individuals and battered food stuffs.

And a decent train line along the Fife coast built especially to help tickers.

The Hillend Tavern is listed under Hillend, rather than the Dalgety Bay station you arrive at, or Lesser Cowdenbeath or whatever.

Hillend is a deadend village in the truest sense, your 5 minute exploration taking you to a turning circle for the bus and a view to Dunfermline, with some flowers my App identified as “flowers”, but IDK.

I noted that the plant pot has been placed 200 yards from the pub, possibly for legal reasons.

I didn’t need a plant pub in the eponymous Tavern, a recent CAMRA award winner on account of its exciting beer range and singing landlady.

Another pesky 4pm opener, there’s an Old Boy (prob younger than me in truth) at the door at 15:59 and his order gives me chance to admire the fireplace, the carpets,

and the shields representing visits by famous pub tickers past.

We will be closed 13 June” says the sign on the bar, so that anyone knows not to waste a long visit that day.

I’m going weird in my old age so picked something from Ferry Bridge rather than the reliable Black Sheep, but it was good enough.

The landlady’s rendition of “Please Don’t Go” was, if anything, better than Casey’s original. KC doesn’t get the credit he deserves over here.

1979 was a great year for music, wasn’t it. BA Robertson burst on the scene that year.


  1. Scotland is indeed a wonderful country but its northernmost extremity isn’t about to become a real ale Mecca any time soon. Despite my initial euphoria at seeing cask in the Kiln Bar, Scalloway, I was there yesterday and the beer was, shall we say, tired. (NBSS 2) I asked the nice barmaid if they shifted much and she said no, the locals don’t touch it and they only sell it to tourists. Had keg Joker IPA for my second pint and very nice it was. I don’t think the Kiln’s going to trouble the scorers as they say.

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  2. Is anywhere lesser than Cowdenbeath?
    To the Addams Family theme, all sing now; They’re dirty and they’re smelly, they come from near Lochgelly, you’ll never see them on the telly, the Cowden family. Blame an Alloa fan I used to play darts with.


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