Never let anyone think this blog is all about pubs.

It’s all about the Bass;

or the Bass Rock, in this case.

Some folk think this bit of rock at North Berwick contains a secret bonus pub that will be in CAMRA’s 50th Good Beer Guide (collectors edition).

Which is ridiculous, everyone knows that there’s not enough NBSS scores for the Bass Rock Bar to get in.

North Berwick has four (4) cask outlets, three of them in the Guide of late, so quite what the Golfers Rest has done wrong to avoid GBG glory I couldn’t guess.

Best tick it, lads.

It’s a gorgeous seaside little town, with a smattering of great street art to enjoy

some church ruins waiting conversion to a micro, and a startlingly good black coffee in Steampunk, whose staff wear overalls and whose toilet houses enough loo rolls to survive the apocalypse.

“Do you ever stop, RetiredMartin ?” asked someone who should have know better.

Well, I did spend a couple of minutes on the beach, before being scared away by a deadly combination of schoolchildren and sniffing dogs.

Two minutes relaxation was plenty.


  1. I’ve only ever seen the Bass Rock from Fife, and it’s kinda hard to pick out against the glare of constant sunshine. It’s really quite dramatic, isn’t it. And just needs a pub on the summit to make it a must-visit. Then they’d have to rename it the Tennents Lager Rock.

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