I know how much you love these perfectly pinked GBG chapter maps, so here’s Gwent. Quite an easy county to complete.

Not much churn in entries, decent transport, and a cheap overnighter in Newport. And some great rural pubs, both basic and upmarket.

The Foxhunter in Nant-y-Derry is one of the latter, but that’s OK. It’s all happening on the OS extract;

My main gripe with the dining pubs is that they tend to shut as soon as the roast beef crowd have left at 3:30pm on Sunday, but to its credit the Foxhunter plugs on ALL DAY (whatever that means).

Perhaps the bench seating looks a bit of an affectation, but at least it’s still there.

The obligatory beer mats on the wall look a bit ancient,

and three (3) beers seems too many; you SHOULD never pick the microbrew from a posh place like Cowbridge.

So I did, and the Tomos & Lilford Nash Point is fine, tasty and foamy (NBSS 3+).

I’m the only one not dining, as the “And will that be all, Sir ?” at the bar suggests.

So I’m confined to the table at the pumps, and am unable to tell you what conversational gems were to be had in the restaurant. I’m sure you’ll survive, or can guess.

I’m guessing the bants weren’t about medical conditions though.

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