You thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you ?

22 May 2022. The day we stopped the Scouse winning the league, to the jubilation of the rest of England (Liverpool is a separate country)..

Colin would have been proud.

I nearly didn’t go the Villa game; I’ve been too nervous of late and Matt and James have used my tickets a fair bit, but I needed to pull myself together for a final push.

A curry in Society, a haircut at Matt’s,

and a gaze at a City as busy as I’ve seen it in years.

You know what happened.

In truth, this was better than 2012, the euphoria at Rodri’s equaliser something you don’t forget.

Some of our fans took home a souvenir, 1977 style.

Even the ducks came out to celebrate on Ducie Street.

I needed a bar where I’d get a pint.

Well, no-one saw this one, tucked away over the road from Piccadilly.

There’ll be a Cloudwater bar soon, for summer there’s a pop-up next to Kampus.

Nice pint of murk by the canal for a fiver. What a time to be a City fan.

Wait till Haaland doesn’t score till September and we want Pep out.

7 thoughts on “MANCHESTER IS BLUE

  1. Something will never know: what’s it like to support a club that intermittently actually wins anything at all throughout its history (glories of Somerset Premier Cup for us this year 👀) for the whole of one’s life… and then it suddenly becomes a Silverware Machine? Does one:
    a) simply revel in the change of fortune?
    b) bewail the glory-hunting newbies, latching onto success?
    c) think – sigh, this will never last: just bound to be, when comes to my death bed, that’ll coincide with being let down yet again?

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    1. None of the above. I’ve hated much of this season, the expectation of winning every game (except v Liverpool); it was only the ending that made it worthwhile. Main pleasure comes from the individual players like Foden and Grealish.

      And when I follow Cambridge from the brink of the Premier League to the Conference I enjoyed the losses at the new Huish as much as the tortured wins under Beck in ’92.

      I think the real question is whether yo-yo clubs like Norwich and Fulham would rather be a Crystal Palace or Southampton.


      1. It’s ever changing. Just over a decade ago we had a series of fixtures vs Saints (which we usually lost) in the third tier.

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  2. Magnificent drama! I turned off at 0-2 against V@##@!!!
    Worst case scenario…Citeh lose against the Second City’s second team and concede the league to Liverpool …however what a finish when I checked later and suffice to say I watched the highlights!!
    Great post – oh yes Birmingham finished 20th in the Championship and won about six home games 😳😳😳


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