Yes, it the approved Retired Martin family loo stop on the Ormeau Road, just across the road from Northern Lights.

The Errigle is one of only half a dozen four (4) outlets for your actual cask in Belfast, and is also as good an allrounder as you’ll get.

Giant Guinness fonts and tasteful seating in the lounge,

horse racing, Old Boys and cask in the Public.

Wait, what ? I saw no cask in the Public; that electronic beer board was on “keg” when I was ordering so I ended up with a fizzy (and expensive) pint of craft. Even with “Hotel California” playing, it seemed a disappointing visit.

But then I re-read Quinno’s guest blog on Belfast on Tim’s site, where cask is said to be available in the secret Oak Lounge. Why does Belfast seem so ashamed of cask ?

I popped back in the Public and “proudly asked for cask”, to be met by a flustered barman who said he’s have to fetch it from said “Oak Room”. And he clearly didn’t want to.

Don’t worry, I’ll find it !” I said. Reader, it’s easier for a priest to get out of the lingerie section of Dublin’s biggest department store than to find the Oak Room.

It’s the room that says “Oak Room” on it, said Mrs RM, helpfully.

Wow ! In fact, WOW !

I appreciate the colour scheme won’t appeal to all my readers, but that brown/green combo worked for me, and it was like entering a Sam Smiths pub in Cleveleys straight out of the Spoons.

The 6% beer from Whitewater was sensational (NBSS 4), the barman enthused about the cask,

a few other visitors drank Guinness.

It was a magic moment, the spell broken only when we became the only folk in there at 16:30 on a Saturday, and Mrs RM asked “Shall we get a coffee ?”.


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