After hogging our prized booth at the Crown we left Matt and Emma to watch the FA Cup Final, a minor tournament for teams that aren’t the Champions of England.

I don’t THINK they took the party bike..

Mrs RM and I took a cultural interlude through the University quarter and the Botanic.

The museum in the Botanic has an informative section on The Troubles;

but the only reference to pubs and beer is, bizarrely, the Brew Dog can in the Covid display. Thinking about it, the only Brew Dog I saw al trip. Have they been cancelled or something ?

The gardens are gorgeous, with Europe’s biggest lily pond,

and a hot house that is begging to be turned into a micropub. Someone on this blog told me that the authorities only grant new licences when old ones are surrendered.

Wonderful flora, but the fauna is just a bit too weird.

I retraced my steps from 2 days earlier, resisted a return visit to see if Northern Lights had cask on yet, and headed for the Errigle.


  1. “Protestants love soup”. True, actually. I can’t be doing with soup and I’m Catholic (sort of) Mrs B is nominally Church of Scotland and and she loves soup.

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