Matt lives and works in the heart of Manchester and seems to know every nook and cranny, though he’s never been in the Hare & Hounds, which means he’s not a proper Manc.

He’d never been in Albert’s Schloss, either, the giant German beer hall in the heart of the entertainment district. It’s virtually always booked, but Matt managed a brunch booking on Sunday morning. It’s always nice when your children make bookings as you know my feelings on that matter.

I parked at Q-Park @ HOME, it seems relatively safe, and enjoyed the street art near the Sir Ralph Abercormoby, which has become Matt’s venue of choice to watch football despite their United leanings.

Albert’s is impressive, the Giggling Squid of the upmarket pub world,

but the cask promised on What Pub seems long gone, and the German beer range isn’t quite as stunning as you’d expect, but perhaps we just expect too much these days.

But folk don’t come for beer; they come for a classy setting and lovely staff and live music and proper food.

The food (Schlossage, below, and some great pastries) was superb, and at only 2,388 calories I only had to walk home over the Snake Pass to shake off the damage.

I’ll come again, have the Schweinsaxe and drink the beer list. Probably.

Back home, Baa Baa was eager to get to work updating my GBG, and he’s very insistent.

You’ve seen the results…

9 thoughts on “BREAKFAST AT ALBERT’S

  1. I went to Alberts Schloss on its opening weekend for the beer, specifically tank Pilsner Urquell, although we did have to sidestep a young, and obviously new, member of staff on the door asking if we’d booked and stand at the bar.

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  2. This is a terrible place and an experience to be missed at all costs especially on a Friday or Saturday when it’s packed and still only employs about 4 bar staff. There hasn’t been cask on for some time. I was dragged into here about 4 weeks ago after an excellent 7 course tasting menu at Peter Street Kitchen across the road. I only had a half of fizz and was charged at least an arm for it. Just don’t!


  3. I attempted three times to get into this place whilst working down the Road at Gazprom.

    1) too many men in
    2) don’t like your trainers
    3) you’re too drunk

    I have since relocated to the home of the banked Bass. No such issues ..


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