Last Wednesday’s day on the Holt’s had ground to a halt, but perked up briefly as I met Matt after work for a pre gig pint at the rather overlooked Crown & Anchor in the shadow of Cathedral Square.

I’d actually come here in 2015 before a Low gig at the cathedral. Who says I’m not a creature of habit.

The weird handpulls have gone, there’s no Cherry Mild, and the prices seemed rather higher than you’d expect.

Or perhaps that’s just the Crystal Lager (disappointed in you Matt). My Bitter was a tad disappointing (perhaps Matt chose wisely).

But it’s the tables that terrify.

Just think, could gave gone to one of these.

Always great to see Manchester pubs bustling midweek, and not many takers for cans of Punk at a fiver in the gig.

I’ll let Halifax Chris review gigs, all I’ll say is you should really get to see support Divide and Dissolve, which is exactly what happened to my insides as I stood there transfixed.


  1. “and the prices seemed rather higher than you’d expect.”
    The shock of Holts exceeding £1 a pint doesn’t seem many years ago.


    1. My greater shock was seeing the Holt’s in Monton, Eccles – my underage college lunchtime haunt – having been refurbished

      For some reason our timetables in first year (ie, aged 16) meant we got a two hour lunch. It’d either be a trek to Eccles for £1 Boddies, £1 chips& cheese or stay local in Monton but be on the Holt’s.

      One lunch we had four pints and went back to our A Level Economics class. The tutor said if he knew that any of us had been to the pub we’d be thrown out of class. Half of us had been there. Looking back, I suspect the room smelt like a brewery as I don’t recall having discovered chewing gum yet.

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      1. I remember those days. One time, I was walking down the pub to meet my mates, when my history tutor pulled up in his car. What made this worse was that I was supposed to be in his lesson. Thought I was for the high jump until I realised that he was actually truanting from his own lesson! Anyway, he gave me a lift to the pub and nothing was said. Decent bloke.


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