The day before Mad Friday 2019 I stayed the night in Workington, a feat oddly unrecognised in the New Years Honours.

The Conservatives had just taken the Parliamentary seat, and I predicted great things for an unsung Cumbrian town.

And sure enough, two years later they had their own Travelodge, costing barely more than the hovel I’d stayed in back in 2019. It’s got nice staff, and a Costa attached which provided a decent breakfast.

I know some of you follow my recommendations to the letter, so if Mark, Dick or Dave are headed over from the States right now they should be aware of the risks to life and limb the next two days.

Here’s the footage from 2022;

The “ball” is the head of the last visitor to ask for a taster.

I’m afraid that the last two years haven’t been too kind to Worky, Travelodge apart.

The town centre, even with Saturday market, was painfully quiet. Fuel price rises hit towns like this hard.

It’s a shame. There’s not much real ale, but there’s a shell of a characterful town (see here),

I’ll come back when I’ve finished the GBG and make a proper weekend of it (I won’t). The micropubs have really good opening times here.


  1. Makes a change from Nettle Eating, I suppose.

    But you write of the Tories’ taking the seat, Martin.

    Is that why there is what appears to be a celebratory effigy of Grant Shapps, sporting a lion’s mane over the door?

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    1. Forgetting about drinking a Workington Brewery beer for all of 49 years must be some sort of record. Quite an effort on your part, Paul. What a shame about the half-century.

      Does this mean you’ve now crossed Martin’s name off your Christmas card list?

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      1. SH,
        I don’t remember the Workington Brewery beer in the Salutation as well as I remember the date and the officer of the Cumberland Constabulary on the A66.

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      2. Yes, I rather doubted that Paul would forget anything.

        I think Paul crossed me off his Christmas card list when I first omitted to send him one, which was 57 years ago.


      3. I’ve certainly not forgotten ‘a close shave’ ten days before my eighteenth birthday.
        But did I sometimes forget to put a birthday card in with your Christmas card ?

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