Inevitably when you visit a new city, whether Malaga or Maidenhead, you leave having failed to visit at least one “must see”.

In Malaga, deterred by numerous Trip Advisor reviews calling out a tourist trap and a pretentious website I ignored the sound advices of Boak and Bailey and avoided El Pimpi.

But, like the tourist I am, I did join the tourists taking a free peep.

Google says “Tapas bar”, which is a bit like calling Buckingham Palace a house.

Yes, the dining area out front is touristy. But the posters are genuine.

And I could have sat at the bar under the barrels with a glass of wine, like that Sherry house.

But I didn’t, and I regret it a bit.

But not that much.

3 thoughts on “RESISTING EL PIMPI

  1. Buckingham Palace is, of course, merely a large council house; hopefully to filled with Ukranian refugees in the near future (excepting young females, in case certain nameless members of the current occupying family are still lurking).


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