I know you’re only reading these tales from Spain to see if I find Draught Bass (possibly on 1 April) or craft murk. Well 1 out of 2 ain’t bad.

Central Beers actually says “Craft” on the wall so it must be authentic.

Tucked away about 137 streets north of the cathedral in the Old Town, it was the first thing (that wasn’t castanets and stuffed donkeys) that popped up when I wasted 10 minutes typing “Malaga craft” into Google. Having been astonished by the quality of murk in Bucharest and Bratislava recently, Spain has been one for the traditionalist.

So, is this Malaga’s Beermoth or its Bar Fringe ?

Well, appearances can be deceptive. Beer number uno on the board is San Miguel, but it’s the Magna version, and it’s only 3 euros 20 a pint, which is cheaper than Sam Smiths.

I want something local and strong interesting, but I can’t say that in Spanish. My niece Emily speaks fluent Spanish but she’s in Newcastle, which is useless.

The electronic beer displays grinds round slowly to the weird stuff, I pleadingly ask “Locale”, and get a La Pirata (Barcelona) and Attik (Torremolinos).

Blimey they’re good. I guess they should be at £7 a pint, but the local stout is rich and “chewy”, as Blackpool Jane would say.

But perhaps that’s enough beer for Day 1 then. Particularly since Central Beers seems light on tapas.

We wander back to the hotel, hopelessly p****d lost, me admiring the vinyl,

and the art,

Mrs RM wisely popping in the local Dia supermarket for a 3 euro meat and veg pie.

Of course, it’s not really called a pie, is it ?

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