Another Blackpool tick that Jane beat me to (here); anyone would think she lived there or something.

Jane’s post last month laid down a marker with a corned beef bagel; I have no answer to that.

She also set out some simple instructions to get the best deal on the buses (probably) which I completely ignored because I’d already done four pubs. When I asked about a ticket that would allow me to travel east, stop, then go to Preston I was quoted eight pounds and forty pence (£8.40). For context, the City Cups winning side of 1934 was assembled for 3 guineas and 4d.

So I just bought a single on the Number 68 to Freckleton, a place I can only describe as “easily missed“.

I really wish I’d bought one of those hop-on/hop-off tickets Jane bought, as the first pub we passed leaving Lytham was a corker when I visited last.

The bus stops right outside The Vestry, denying me a chance to take in the sights, sounds and smells of a village known only for the BAE site.

Wiki tells me “It was one of 62 settlements to be found in the Hundred of “Agemvndrenesse” (Amounderness). Another suggested derivation is from the Anglo-Saxon word for “lusty” or “argumentative”.[5] I was tempted to use “the Hundred of Agemvndrenesse” in my blog title but knew I’d spell it wrong, even cut-and-pasted.

Small bars like The Vestry work well in the more affluent Lancashire villages, more like wine bars than your average Thanet micro.

Most of the lads are on Super Bock, the lasses on sharing Prosecco,band I may be the only cask drinker. I’m certainly irritant, expecting the great sea of drinkers at the bar to part so I can see the pumps.

Frankly, I’m not expecting much from my penultimate Lancs tick, but anyone who stocks the North Riding beers knows what they’re doing, and the Ice Cream Porter (very Blackpool Jane) is rich and tasty NBSS 3+.

Lacings never lie (they do, really).

I considered my travel options. A 64 minute walk to Kirkham to use my return train ticket, or hop on the bus into Preston that was leaving NOW.

Only a 20 minute trip from the suburbs into town, can’t be more than a couple of quid. It was FIVE POUNDS EIGHTY !


      1. Bus pass in England is at State Pension age.

        Or move to London and get free travel (bus, tube and train) within London at 60.

        Or move to Scotland, Wales or N Ireland and get your bus pass at 60.

        But as you don’t do buses, stay put and get a railcard at 60.

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      2. Agreed, the bladder can be a bit of a problem, particularly after you’ve “broken the seal.”

        The Senior Rail Card is well worth having – see below. I splashed out on a 3-year one, back in September.


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