A second tick in Ulverston, a town you ought to visit for the wonderful Laurel & Hardy museum (watch the Piano) and the stroll up to Hoad’s Hill monument,

but most folk seem to be coming here for the shopping and scones and to tut at misspelling of Havana.

I come for the street art down the side streets,

and yet another “Proper Pub” to tick in GBG22.

There seems to be twenty-odd pubs for a 11,678 population, an impressive ratio. The Rose & Crown is another Robbies pub, contrasting sharply with the new craft bars and the posh Lancaster Brewery place.

Three rooms; Sid’s,

the main dining area with gentlefolk all standing up for no reason, and individually taking their their fish and chip orders (“BROWN sauce please”) to the bar,

and the Old Boys corner.

I join the Old Boys with my very “OK” Dizzy Blonde (NBSS 3, at a pinch).

The hum of banter was intoxicating, the cackle of the Ladies who Lunch drowning out my attempts to Shazam the indie soundtrack. I love a pub where gentlewomen and Old Boys co-exist so well.

“Is Kale Walker playing in the derby ?”

“Kale ! It’s Kyle !”


The Landlord and his team were friendly and cheery, telling tourists at the door to “Pop in out of that dreadful sunshine and grab a pew“.

Six GBG entries in Ulverston; surely all it needs is a Wetherspoons selling Doom Bar to elevate it to the ranks of the great pub towns. We can but hope.

8 thoughts on “LAUREL AND HARDY

  1. You’re just being provocative in your last paragraph, as it is clear that the reason there are so many good pubs in Ulverston (just as in Belper, for example) is the *absence* of a Wetherspoons outlet.

    There, I hope you’re happy now that I’ve risen to the bait.


    1. 5 million Doom Bar “value” drinkers can’t be wrong.

      And no-one would be put off visiting Ulverston by the presence of a Spoons, any more than the presence of Costa Coffee, surely ?


      1. Ah, the penny drops! More efficient = exploiting the workers. More efficient = larger buildings and less comfortable atmosphere. More efficient = death to other pubs. Yep, that’s what I meant.

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    1. I want to go to the bar to buy my own beer, but I’m happy to send Mrs RM to the bar to order for both of us, or vice versa. We don’t need both of us dithering at the bar spreading Covid.


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