“Kenting” is a verb, isn’t it ?

My near week in Southborough contributed little to my ticks, though the addition of a new Chinese takeaway to my Top 10 compensated (oh, and the resolution of family crises, I guess).

My two closest Guide targets were both microbrewery tap rooms. Hoorah !

One in an industrial estate in Gravesend, one in a farm near Maidstone. #LivingTheDream

Iron Pier was busy, drawing in the craft kidz of Perry Green to sample murky DIPA. Not outside in the tent, though. Far too cold.

Now, I challenge you to make a Tap room on an industrial estate look exciting. No, go on.

At the bar I ordered a half of something lovely called “From The Wave” top and sat on one of those high stools next to a beer barrel and hoped that no-one would notice I was drinking keg, not cask.

Oh, and I asked the barperson if she had something strong for Mrs RM and she recommended this 8.4% Imperial Stout. “It’s not for me” I said, pointlessly.

The other bottle is from Musket Brewery, whose Armoury tap in Loddington/Linton I’d phoned the night before to check there’d be open. And of course I’d checked the Facebook and What Pub as well. 10pm, plenty of times.

But of course, they weren’t open. And it was pitch black and muddy when I arrived at 20:30. A young chap was striding across the farmyard.

Can I help you ?

Oh, I’ve just closed. It’s winter hours“.

But your Facebook says you’re open

Oh, sorry, still need to update that*”.

To his eternal credit, he re-opened the place and sold me a bottle and let me take some photos and agreed that, yes, this did indeed count as a tick.

Back at our Southborough hotel Mrs RM sunk those two bottles in rapid time and I reckon they were both stunning. So you see, I don’t hold grudges, life’s too short.

*Now I study their website I notice that they’re open till 21:00 on Wednesday and Friday, but 20:00 on Thursday, but who should you believe ?

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