Back at Stevenage at 10pm*, and Mrs RM’s request for some munchies (do adults say “munchies” ?) from Tesco meant I could justify nipping in to the Old Town for a last pint of Saturday night.

I consulted the GBG app; the Guide entries are the red markers.

Oh. Never mind, Mrs RM had told us about a place called “Proper Pub Co” or something where she and Emma had two cocktails for a tenner so I went off to find a Proper Pub.

It was, allegedly, next to the Thai restaurant we raved about recently, but I really doubt it was the Marquis of Lorne and you’d need to pay me a lot to go in there with rugby flags.

Instead I retraced my steps to the venerable Chequers Beer House,(top), which looked inviting and you can’t walk past a place with Beer House in the title, can you.

Young folk, older folk, still boisterous.

Blimey, loads of interesting beer (and a Tiny Rebel further along), but it’s Greene King Mild I wanted. Last seen, here, in 2016 and I’d been told it was back.

It was hiding round the corner on the 9th pump. Nine (9) !

My hopes weren’t high, Stevenage doesn’t seem like a mild stronghold, but this was a cool, rich, chocolatey joy (NBSS 3.5). How do they get so much flavour from a 3% beer ?

After that it all went a bit blurry.

*Congratulations to Drunk Bloke on the 21:16 from London Bridge for his gallant but ultimately doomed attempt to wee in the loo.


  1. Greene King recently reintroduced the XX Mild as a seasonal beer. Last month it was possible to drink it in three High Street pub, the Chequers, Marquis and White Lion (Mulberry Tree). It turned out to be very popular! It’s since been rediscontinued (if that’s a word), but the Marquis of Lorne may still have some.

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    1. And thanks again. My West Suffolk contact mentioned it was a seasonal, but I hadn’t read many reports of it about, and the Chequers is one of only a handful of bankers to serve it.


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