No new GBG entries to tick in Manchester, of course, but a slew of brewery Tap houses offering pizza and burgers to tempt that lads away from the Northern Quarter before Thursday’s gig at the Uni.

I was actually tempted to walk through Spinningfields* by the appearance of a Rise Pizza food cart outside the Seven Brothers in Middlewood Locks.

Middlewood Locks ? Where’s that ? In the bit of Salford between the Lowry and that giant Sainsbury’s is the best I can offer.

Sadly the Rise Pizza food cart is outside, and my lads aren’t hardy enough to eat outside, so we have kebabs and keg beer inside Seven Brothers (no relation to Se7en Brothers, I assume).

Oh, it’s a rebrand to Seven Bro7hers. Can’t keep up.

There’s no cask, possibly just as well, but the Juicy IPA and kebab deal is very good, though once again the dog bowls outside the booths reveal just how ingrained canine culture is in Manchester Salford.

Felt stuffed after that, and needed the long walk past the Science Museums and the always wondrous Oxford Road to walk off that kebab before we reached our next destination,

Ice Stone Gelato, where Matt laughed at our waffle choices while we attempted to nick his cookie dough. Blackpool Jane should come here when her diet ends. I should start one.

Then James and I head for Academy 1, the biggest of the University venues on Oxford Road, where Big Thief show they have all the best tunes (if not the best sound mix).

Do you review gigs on the blog Dad ?” asks James.

NEVER review music“, I answer. Leave it to Chris Dyson.

*Should I “do” Spinningfields ? Am I that brave ?

4 thoughts on “OVER THE IRWELL

  1. It’s interesting to me how close one gets to the Salisbury but doesn’t see it. We’ve walked by there and that intersection is not one we have ever walked through.

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