Blimey. How has the Ram Inn escaped the attention of the Guide for so long ?

Well, though I’ve been ticking London for 25 years I guess it’s nearly 16 years since the Ram Brewery closed and its former tap returns to the Guide mainly due to the in-house Slybeast Brewery. Keep up.

How could you walk past this, even if it only served Doom Bar ?

OK, a bit modernised in the West London, style,

but cosy and welcoming, bar the truly horrific sight of inflatable rugby balls.

Head with your beer to the dark wood and big windows and try to take a photo as bad as this one.

Despite all my microbrew reservations, the Slybrew Porter is stunning; cool, rich and chewy (3.5+). One of the best experiences in a pub in SW London in years.

What Pub has sad news, however;

Upstairs is more of a party venue with shuffleboards and a Citroen H2 van serving tacos and sadly it is rumoured s at February 2022 that Punch want to turn the whole place into more of a nightclub, starting by evicting the SlyBeast brewer.”

A nightclub ? That would explain the banging soundtrack this afternoon, then.

10 thoughts on “THE RAM INN

  1. Am noticing,shuffle boards are a bit of a “thing ” now -our local has one -pay by the hour I think & it’s not cheap.We had no idea what it was until I did a bit of research

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      1. Murk is yesterday’s news, which is why I read “Mild Thing”, ‘cos that’s what all the hip young things will be drinking tomorrow!


      2. I’ve been saying it for years, on the basis that one day I’ll be right. At least I didn’t back Brut IPA!

        Apparently, Cold IPA is the next awesome thing for hipsters to be told they love, which sounds like the barrel of made-up styles is being well and truly scraped…


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