The problem with pub crawls, and I blame this entirely on Will, is that it never stops at two, does it ?

I’d been walking past the Three Tuns since we arrived in Sheffield, it’s on the marching route to the station (Google Maps says 43 minutes, actually 29).

It was in the GBG 20 years ago, so I’d been before, but quite how I’d resisted the charms of a “flat iron” design, discos and a specialist chip menu is a mystery.

See what someone wrote on Pubs Galore in 2019;

My half of OP was a little tired but with no off flavours. However, this is nit picking, as the pub was as lively and pleasant as I remember it in the days when I used to finish work at around 5pm rather than 10. C’est la vie !

Yes, it’s that man Will again, the King of Sheffield Pub Reviews. I suspect he may have a similar report 3 years on.

I loved the place. Cosy, friendly, lively with a mixed post-work crowd.

Too many beers at the bar, of course, but they’re all good ones.

I asked for the Landlord. “I AM the Landlord !” said the Landlord. Everyone was so cheery.

The beer was OK, and when I say OK I mean OK. Rather photogenic, too.

Perhaps I should bring Mrs RM and James here and eat the whole menu.

It’s the sort of place BRAPA lives for, the sort of place he leaves Colin the Cauliflower in and meets someone who colours his GBG in badly.

And it’s the sort of place where you don’t really take notes, as you’re enjoying the company so much. I only made one note;

Knowing Will, Jim Rockford is a hop variety.

13 thoughts on “FINALLY, THE THREE TUNS

  1. We were talking about a reluctance to phone people in case they were busy, which never bothered us back in the day because we would just leave a message and they would call us back, whereas now people carry their phones around with them and feel obliged to answer them. Or as I put it it, what’s wrong with an answerphone – it was good enough for Jim Rockford.

    And yes, my half of Old Peculier was a little tired, again, so no need to update my review in Pubs Galore.

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  2. No Farmers Bradfield Blonde??? It used to be a permanent at the Three Tuns. Never been a fan of that beer. Almost always call in the pub for a beer on the way back to the hotel though when in Sheffield.

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    1. No. At least not in my definition: at least three pubs and a route decided in advance, so meeting Martin by accident and going to one pub, then another, then another, would not be a pub crawl. Others may disagree, of course.

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  3. Looks great. Walked past there last week on the way to Dog & Partridge and was very tempted to nip in for a swift but was on a bit of a tight schedule. Will add it to the list of pubs to do next time I’m in Sheffield

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