Suddenly I was within two (2) ticks of completing Tyne & Wear GBG, and all that was needed was an hour on the metro to north Sunderland and then another hour slog in the biting cold along the coast.

See, it’s easy.

The hardest part was finding a loo at Monument before I jumped on the tram to Pelaw. Have I moaned about the lack of public pissoirs recently ?

No chance to do a central Newcastle pub today; no visit to the Crown Posada or the Pitcher & Piano. But we’ll always have Newcastle, as the line goes.

Still got the tourist shot, though.

Actually, not quite an hour to Seaburn Station, even with a change at Pelaw. So many evocative names here.

Seaburn is the gateway to Fulwell, of Roker Park end fame. Just to show I can still be surprised at 57, Wiki tells me that Fulwell is an affluent, Conservative voting suburb. I’d never have guessed, though the coast has more Italian restaurants than Naples (FACT !).

The Lighthouse is a typical shop conversion micro that could be in Fleetwood or Farnborough.

But micro exteriors can mislead. The Lighthouse is “small neighbourhood pub with bench seats and beers you’ve heard of” (even if they are recreations of old favourites).

Everyone is on pints of Double Maxim, but I’m a Southern wimp and it’s my 6th pub and I go for a half and regret it.

A lovely, foamy half (3/3.5) enjoyed in proper seating in a boisterous atmosphere.

An atmosphere only partly due to the canine contingent, who are priming themselves for BRAPA’s visit.

BRAPA went to university here, you know. Bet he rarely came to Fulwell.

If he did, he can explain this;

Some lovely tat like that up the stairs, and this gorgeous print of the city before they closed Vaux and Roker Park still shook on Saturdays.

Now, I drank up and headed for the best coastline in England.

7 thoughts on “FULWELL (NEARING THE) END

  1. I had a rather bracing walk along Roker seafront myself yesterday afternoon, after a very quick pitstop at the Harbour View, having not realised there was a Sunderland match about to start. Toyed with the idea of walking to one of the micropubs but decided to cut my explore short in the end!

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