More from That Kent, and an unexpected tick on the edge of Romney Marsh, though Paul Bailey will no doubt claim it for nearby Ashford given that town’s apparent beery renaissance.

People who read this blog, and I don’t even think I count myself in that number, may remember my failed attempt in Autumn to visit the Black Lion (only a couple from miles from a more famous Lion in Snargate).

We’re closed mate, no staff, all the foreigners have gone home“. said the Landlord then.

This time I phoned first.

Are you open ? Just for a drink ?”

We CERTAINLY are !”. I liked that enthusiasm.

I liked the tight beer range, one with an easy choice. NO ! Not the IPA.

A tougher choice of lunch for the half dozen diners.

I’ve…..succumbed to the duck !” said a well-dressed gent, excitedly. “Saute instead of new ones“.


A pleasant, friendly, unfussy country dining pub for gentlefolk, with the bonus of superbly cool and creamy pint of Copper (NBSS 3.5+). OK, it’s not quite the Halfway House at Brenchley, but I’d go back on my tour of Great Expectations sites (don’t bother, pedants).

The couple behind me were about to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary.

“The weather’s not quite as good as when we got married next door, dear

No, dear”. Ah. I bet they didn’t have their reception in the Black Lion. But if they did, I bet they were drinking the Flowers Original back then.

Mrs RM and I were married in 1992, when this track was a hit.

30 years ago, playing in an Appledore pub, KD Lang’s classic brought back no memories at all.


  1. The Red Lion has eluded me a couple of times. I’m not giving up. You haven’t managed to make the Black Lion sound so appealing that I should make the effort.

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    1. Morten, it’s the dodgy walk along the B2080 from Appledore station, that makes a visit to the Red Lion quite a hazardous event,. Drivers treat the road like a racetrack, despite the possibility of ending up in one of the ditches!

      Looking at the map, it doesn’t look any better heading in the opposite direction, which rules out a visit to the Black Lion, as well.

      Stagecoach operate a service to both Appledore and Snargate from Ashford station, but you have to travel via New Romney. Nice if you want to enjoy the scenery, but not so good on the return journey when your bladder is full to bursting point!

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      1. Indeed. It is one of those road-locked pubs. It must have been heaven before all the cars arrived. I’ve cycled past it a couple of times on my way from Rye, but on Mondays when the pub is shut. But as I say, I haven’t given up. Soon I will make the pilgrimage to the red Lion. I expect the visit to be all the more rewarding.

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  2. The Red Lion remains unchanged under Kate’s stewardship. Limited opening hours mean our visits are infrequent, but always a pleasure. Always a nice pint of Goachers. And you can visit Doris in the churchyard opposite to pay your respects to the previous generation.

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