Turning over the “Masters of the Galaxy” Soundtrack in Smeeth

Next stop, Smeeth.

Never heard of of it ?

Me neither. It’s a village of 924 souls about whom Wiki can tell me NOTHING. No left backs for Ashford Town in the ’60s, no Retired Colonels, no 18th century eccentrics barred from Ashford.

And our new Beer Guide tick is on a small modern business park the other side of the M20. It really is unusual.

The Dog House has been going a few years, offering beer and coffee and cakes to workers and visitors, and they were THRILLED to get a GBG place and receive drunken visits from BRAPA.

This chap left as soon as I arrived,I didn’t take it personally.

It’s a quirky place, a shrine to vinyl as well as a beery cafe. Spot your favourite ’80s vinyl on the wall.

Yep, definitely Phil.

I asked for “anything please” and got a Kentish Pale from the barrel which was cool and lovely (NBSS 3+).

I also got chat and good cheer, not always things you get from micropubs, and I was put in charge of turning the record over.

It was the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, and I managed to move the soundtrack from “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to “Hooked On A Feeling” without scratching the vinyl.

Possibly a life highlight. If only I’d had an audience.

A lovely place, with The Jam themed children’s meals,

and an excitingly un-PC Gents loo with a record cover from a double-sided Queen single from 1978 that sadly I can’t bring you due to my woke-ism.

So here’s a page from The Sphere from 1975 which will upset no-one.

7 thoughts on “Turning over the “Masters of the Galaxy” Soundtrack in Smeeth

  1. In one of the photos I spied a Dire Straits album and a Coldplay album. Do they cancel each other out? 😉

    Must have been fun to turn a record over. Don’t think I’ve done that since the 80s.

    England is so rich with history it’s hard to believe Smeeth doesn’t have Wiki-worthy tales to tell. Surely visits from Simon count!

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    1. I’ve had my legal team look into this, Mark, and their view is that the “Communique” album on the back wall would cancel out the Coldplay, but “Brothers In Arms” wouldn’t (it’s just as naff). Hope that helps.

      Turning records over should be taught in school.

      Simon hasn’t been to much of Kent yet !

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  2. An interesting micro, for a change, housed in a building with character, and serving food as well. I like the emphasis on vinyl, as well.

    I know Smeeth quite well, from my teenage years, when I lived in the even smaller village of Brook, about five miles away. That should perhaps read “knew,” as it’s getting on for 50 years since I lived in the area, but doesn’t time fly?

    Good to see from What Pub that the “proper pubs” in the village- the Woolpack and the Blue Anchor are still trading, and not much further away is the Five Bells Inn, at East Brabourne – a favourite haunt when I was in my late teens.

    A good area for pub exploration as well, if you take in Mersham, to the south of the M20, as well.


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