Ooh, another trip to Southport in GBG22. Who’d have predicted that ? (A – Every pub ticker, ever).

And we’d all have predicted ANOTHER Merseyside Peaky Blinders, the chain that keeps on giving. First, Lord Street, now Churchtown.

Sadly, the fun train to Churchtown now resides in the Botanic Gardens,

but a brisk 30 minutes will take you past the vast array of guest houses and Italian restaurants and occasional thatch that comprise north Southport (and south Southport to be honest).

You can tell a suburban Merseyside GBG entry by the artificial turf in the outside seating area,

and the excitable wall paper.

Two other customers, jolly ladies who drink Prosecco at noon, so I feared the worst when seeing this;

But 20 seconds by the (dormant) fire and I realised I was in safe hands with the Titanic flagship.

Technically it IS possible to find a dull Plum Porter, but it’s not VERY likely and this was a cool, crisp and foamy 3.5. Par for the course in Southport, a very consistent sorta place.

A nice modern soundtrack, too.

And when I say I was delighted to hear the Ladies Who Lunch seemingly mimicking me you’ll know I’m totally serious.

So he says “Cash or card ?” “

Whatever you prefer mate

What’s easiest for you though ?” etc etc

You know the script. So desperate am I to avoid getting told off by paying with cash, or NOT paying with cash, I over-compensate.

Two older drinkers (>57) came, had pints of the Bowland, were offered a taster (I wasn’t) as if drinking the microbeer was a risk, and began the ritual;

Cash or card ?

Whatever you prefer

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