Boxing Day is “traditionally” the day that blokes go to football while their wives clear up the mess from Christmas Day and make up an inedible casserole from turkey and Brussel sprout leftovers. You can guess what the retiredmartin household thinks of “tradition”.

Talking of football, saw this on the Manchester City Blue Moon forum;

Who IS this Unicorn, seems a great bloke.

So I missed our latest nine (9) goal thriller, and a chance to finish Greater Manchester GBG, but did at least get out late on for a dad/lad pint with Matt while we waited for our squid at Sang Lung.

The Rawson Spring is an average Spoons aimed at the vertical drinking before a match crowd, but in the absence of matches it still gets more blokes than families.

Yes, Ruddles is still 99p here.

Matt had Stella, I don’t judge him. I had the national Christmas beer of Sheffield. Mrs RM refuses to believe it’s meant to be blue.

Because Matt is such a slow drinker I went back to the bar to interrogate their imported beers selection.

ir selection is a bit rubbish, but the Baltika 7 makes a lovely colour when poured into the foamy dregs of Belgian Blue (top), and is as lovely as the beer served on the little boat that sails along the Neva pointing out St Petersburg’s cultural highlights.

Actually, the barman gave me a clean glass but it was warm to the touch, a Spoons fault.

And no, I’m not rating the Stella for you.


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