Before I move into the big city, and in response to unprecedented demand, here’s a picture of my breakfast at the Old Town Hall in Innerleithen.

Of course, ruined by the full Scottish breakfast that followed it,

but such is life. No pain, no gain.

I needed a long walk to burn off the calories in that fruit, and help was at hand with a 3 pub walk from the edge of the Penicuiks back into the edge of Edinburgh.

Actually, there’s six cask pubs pretty much in a line along Lanark Road, and four are in the Guide.

So you can guess what will happen to the Railway and Tanners next year, can’t you ?

A pleasant residential area along the Water of Leith, which ends up at some scary craft bars near the sea.

As you’ll see from the pics on the What Pub extract, the pubs along Lanark Road aren’t stunners, more Petts Wood than Peckham, but they are unfussy and drinker friendly.

The Riccarton in Currie is low on fivers, so pleased to get mine, even though it’s English.

Booth style seating, the crackle of a real fire, “Jingle Bell Rock“, and a discussion about a CAMRA award for beer quality which seemed to bemuse them as they assumed that I was the arbiter on beer quality.

And to be honest the 80/ was lovely, if a bit chilled.

20 minutes up the road you reach Juniper Green, centre of the snuff industry, which has fascinated me since appearing in the GBG a few years back. Look closely at the ancient map on the wall,

and you’ll see FC Manse, a 1930s works team who were formed exclusively to enable Duncan to tick a new non-league ground.

If the Riccarton is Brunning & Price, the Kinleith Mill is more Ember Inn, and there’s nowt wrong with that as they say in Dalkeith.

What is this Scottish obsession with high-tech tonic dispensers ?

And what’s this obsession with Tim Taylor’s Landlord ?

Pentland IPA for me, another cool 3+.

Not much trade here again though the week before Christmas, but of course in England these pubs wouldn’t even open on Tuesdays.

Much busier in the heritage village of Colinton though, a charming place with quirky angles,

and a Robert Louis Stevenson walk.

The Spylaw is a quirky, place, “very Lewes” I wrote.

The sort of place that looks like it ought to have handpumps even though not many will drink it.

More Landlord ! The Joker was decent.

Table service here, so I took the seat near the couple holding hands CONTINUOUSLY and chatting to a mate about vomiting at work. They’re just out of shot, for obvious reasons.

Three GBG-worthy pubs, one ticking over, all nearly as cheerful as I was to make a nice big pink splodge on the Edinburgh & Lothians map in the GBG.

But why don’t any of them serve haggis bites ?

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