Never mind Mrs RM’s birthday, mine is today (22 December), make a note to wake up at 57 minutes past 5 and wish me a happy birthday. IT’S A TRADITION, DAMN YOU.

I’m in a place you’ve never been; here’s a pictorial clue.

And on my birthday I plan to travel across a vast expanse of water and end up completing a “county” in a town that starts with “P”. There may be curry.

Last Friday there wasn’t curry, but Mrs RM did have a nice meal in Sheffield with her favourite men. And me.

And a trip to B & Q, after which she dragged me into The Garrison, the motel built into the Hillsborough barracks that is an odd cross between Crossroads motel and a posh wedding venue.

Stretch limos were pulling up and disgorging smartly dressed Sheffield folk for their pre-Christmas meals and a gig by an unconvincing Elton John (played by ex-Forest forward Gary Birtles), we nipped in for a half of Belgian Blue.

I was surprised to see three local beers on the bar,

and more surprised the Blue was GBG standard. It’s quite hard to get duff cask in Sheffield. If a pub can’t sell it, they won’t stock it.

Even though it was her birthday (no, don’t ask) Mrs RM turned down my offer of cake from the sweets trolley, as she was saving herself for tea.

Which came at Stancil’s Closed Shop, a superb example of how to mix quality food and beer in the studenty part of Crookes.

The fog descended, the Closed Shop staff were as cheery as they always are, we nearly all had fish and chips. This is the Walkley Whale (caught in the Don).

Two pints of Stancil’s lovely No. 7, a pudding shared between 5, some inadvisable cocktails, no arguments over the bill, a busy pub.

A perfect evening.

22 thoughts on “MRS RM’s BIRTHDAY

  1. In honor of the Feast of St. Martin:

    And there appeared in the heavens a great host of the Angels of CAMRA. And chief amongst them was the Archangel Roger who did proclaim:

    “I bring you news of good tidings, for today in Cambridge a child is born to the Taylor’s, and he shall be named Martin. And he is blessed among CAMRA and he shall be the savior of pubs and cask beer. For after a distinguished career performing financial miracles for the NHS, he shall turn to his true calling, and retire, to spread the word of the Good Beer Guide. He shall travel far and wide to proclaim the Good Book and the mysteries it holds, and to save pubs and all who inhabit them. And he shall inspire many followers with his writings of beer, travel and music. And they shall number many; from the Midlands, to Scotland, the Midwest USA and the far reaches of Canada. And he shall be truly for all the people, from the highest of CAMRA, Curmudgeons and Footballers, to the lowliest befriender of cauliflowers. Sunshine shall follow him all of his days, and all those who know him will know good pubs, and their cups will floweth over with Doom Bar.”

    Happy birthday.

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  2. Hi Martin, many happy returns for your birthday, today. I’m sure you will be celebrating in style, wherever it is that you end up at. Belated birthday greetings to Mrs RM as well.

    If next year’s proposed, codgers’ outing to Bath comes off, then I will buy you a pint of Bass at the Star Inn, but I can’t run to Doom Bar, draught, or otherwise! In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day.

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