Any chance of Bass in the Unicorn ?” I asked the landlord of the Coachmakers.

His look of sympathy was the one you’d give a child asking you if he could have a unicorn for Christmas.

Second best, particularly if you’re six years old, but I could have a pint in THE Unicorn, one of the almost permanent Stoke GBG entries.

Blimey, it’s even better than I remembered it (admittedly pre-smoking ban);

When BRAPA was here the other week he captured the scene in his usual calm manner;

Yes, that is a Bass glass. Loads of them. If they’d rationed the Bass then I might have had a chance, but as it was I was left with a Christmas feast of BBB and hid my disappointment from the wonderfully cheery landlady.

“Thank you, darling” she said. What happened to m’duck ?

Bass or no, this is a wonderful place to sink back into the benches.

Never mind the seats, “what obscure indie were they playing ?” you ask.

A mixed crowd in to enjoy Alannah, actually younger than you’d expect, and plenty of takers for the Pride, which was drinking well (obvs).

Cool, crisp, foamy; I wrote down NBSS 3+ then thought “No, it’s actually REALLY good“. I’ve been reading reports of good cask from The Tand and Chris Dyson lately and Stoke rarely lets you down.

You can place your orders for pre-interval drinks when you’re watching Cinderella at the Regent or Kangaroo Air Force Ventilator at the Sugarmill.

Or you can just enjoy the soundtrack which veers from “Handle With Care” to “Romeo & Juliet” and pub conversation from the Premier League of bants;

I’m Steve

Are you a biblical Steve, with a “ph” ? These things matter“.

Bass may be as rare as unicorn tears at the moment, but friendly boozers are still in plentiful supply in the Potteries.


    1. London Pride has been their house beer for years, Bill, otherwise Tribute would have been the best choice. I had some fantastic Tribute near Plymouth a decade ago but it hasn’t been as good since (turnover not brewery I think).

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  1. Lovely blog. I went recently and commend your Pride choice. It was Bass for me. I was drunk. You might know that. Or not. Well done. Hanley, the new Halifax.


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