I’ve had a few enquiries asking for confirmation that my birthday (22 December) will definitely be taking place on 22 December this year. Indeed it is, and it’s going to be a cracker after last year’s damp squib.

In 2019 I spent my birthday (22/12) in the Wirral, and would have been quite happy to return this year but Bromborough has the sole new GBG entry and it was easy to tick so I ticked it now.

Bromborough (pop. 14,850) has a Travelodge at the foot of the A41 I’ve used a few times when the price dipped below £30, and it’s a decent base for slow trips into Merseyside, but what does it have to tempt the adventurous tourist ?

Well, several settings for Half Man, Half Biscuit songs, I guess.

And a functional little library in the High Street which failed to furnish me with a town map,

but does have an exhibition called “The visit of the pub tickers c. 135,000 BC“.

Before the arrival of industry and retail (and micro pubs), Bromborough looked rather more rural.

DESPITE incessant Wirral I went in search of history, and had several people ask me if I was alright as I stood on the street looking at my phone. Tourism is still in its infancy in South Wirral.

Never mind the medieval Cross, head to the Village for your interesting fonts and church-converted-to-curry house porn.

A better blogger would have walked to Port Sunlight or Bromborough Pool, but it was raining and I just wanted to sit down for an hour and write angry blog posts over coffee and cake. I contemplated the Hungry Horse, before coming to my senses and heading to Rubens, which was lovely.

The Bow-Legged Beagle is the third Beagle in a row to make the GBG after New Brighton and Upton, and if there’s a fourth open on the Hilbre Islands in a year’s time neither Leon or I would be amazed.

Bonus points for a) being open on a Monday, b) opening when they said they would be, c) being SO cheerful despite, well, everything.

I dithered over the beer range but decided that a Brimstage Oystercatcher (rich, 3.5) was just the job. Not enough oyster beers (or squid beers, come to that).

Where’s the lunchtime trade though ? What can people possibly have to do that’s more important on a Monday afternoon than saving pubs ? Don’t answer that.


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