The last time I wrote about the Chantry Inn at Handsworth someone was more intrigued by the Edward VII post box than my fascinating piece on a community local on consecrated ground.

Will had wanted to visit since the Chantry “landed” (ugh) in the Guide, and I was delighted to accompany him; it’s always best to be with someone who doesn’t need help tying their shoelaces up.

We almost did the neighbouring Old Crown first, but couldn’t confirm the availability of Doom Bar.

I do like a pub that opens when it says it will (1pm) and has a big sign outside directing you in.

Inside to a collection of shiny handpumps (can wood shine ?) that looks too many but they’re all being used.

I go for the Stout again, another marvellously rich pint hovering between 3.5 and 4, a great place to hover.

Will tells the Chantry’s landlord how good the beer was in the Marston’s estate pub, he shakes his head, we don’t push it and just enjoy a rare Monday lunchtime session.

OK, mainly blokes this time, but one young lad had two bottles of Heineken 0.0 which suggests it’s not just a beery pub.

Aah, Creedence” says Will as we sit down, the first of a classic rock soundtrack running through “Stairway to Heaven“, The Hollies, The Kinks and ending at “Highway Star“.

Some great pub banter (“Since I come here I’ve put on weight”. “Tell me about it dear“), including something I noted down as “Let It Be v. Trans Wig” which it’s possibly wise I’ve forgotten.

I consider asking for Matilda Mann to stem the flow of classic rock, but hold my tongue. Instead I ask for a pint of Special Reserve, a 6.3% session beer if ever I saw one.

It was the best of decisions, it was the worst of decisions.

7 thoughts on “EDWARD VII

  1. Edward VIII pillar boxes would be rarer as there are only some 150 around. I say ‘some’ because the figure comes from a blog by a post box completist that also claims there are over a thousand Wetherspoons without qualifying whether the figure includes ones since closed – does anyone have a figure for how many premises are or have been a Wetherspoons?

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    1. Ian,
      I’ve noticed an Edward VIII pillar box in Scarborough.
      The only Edward VIII Ludlow box ( named after Ludlows of Birmingham who made then ) was at Marston Road Sub Post Office in Stafford until it closed about ten years ago.


  2. Bad Moon Rising was also playing as I entered a pub in Nottingham the next day. Perhaps they’d seen me coming and knew it was one of my favourite bands. That, or they use it instead of a sign pointing to the gents: “there’s a bathroom on the right!”

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