Apparently the new GBG will be “landing” (ugh) with us Privileged Tickers soon, and the cycle will be begin again. I’ll find there’s a new half dozen pubs to visit in Suffolk, which having moved to Sheffield from Waterbeach feels like a different world.

A year ago I’d nearly completed Suffolk ’21 just before the second Lockdown, but I never quite made the Ingate at Beccles,

as you’ll see from these two polite requests, a year apart.

I couldn’t remember my last trip to Beccles, actually only 4 years ago, but clearly it’s on the march having secured the world famous Pop Up Piano Bar followed by Madonna. Whoever she is.

The town square was heaving, mostly gentlefolk from the Broads but not all, and not all in the King’s Head, one of our most ornate Spoons.

I had a half of the Green Jack Golden Best, a glorious NBSS 4, remembering what a lottery Spoons beer quality is these days.

And I was tempted by lunch at Twyford’s Cafe, the Betty’s of the East, but the prices looked “ambitious”.

I’d timed my triumphant walk south of town perfectly to coincide with noon opening.

And didn’t get too distracted by the Flemish flourishes,

or the Bootleg Banksy.

My last tick in a county is always a stressful time, with the worry of a positive Covid test closing the pub or a private function or the clocks going back instead of forward (only applies to Lincolnshire).

No drama here, just a great welcome from the cheeriest Landlady in the Broads and a lovely pint of Trawlerboys.

I sometime talk about a perfect community pub, and the Ingate is the exemplar. Music from 80-81, Pool and Darts, bingo, pub grub, and a sensational garden occupying the car park.

No doubt that play house will have its own bar and GBG entry in 2022.

Something for everyone here,

even shark lovers.

But it was the enthusiasm and friendliness of the landlady, dividing her attention between regulars and strangers, that really impressed me. A great pub.

With time to spare I succumbed to the ambitious pricing at Twyfords, and splashed out on the Lowestoft fishcakes (NLFSS 4).

Sometimes you have to spoil yourself, you really do.

And yes, I know “Bootiful” is nicked off Norfolk, but you can see Norfolk from Beccles. In fact, you can probably see North Shields.

14 thoughts on “BOOTIFUL BECCLES

    1. Turns out it was almost four years ago – 25 November 2017. Where does the time go?

      But allowing for the stasis of Covid-19, I reckon that’s near enough a couple of years.

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