A disappointing long weekend in Kent in some ways, with little open on the Monday, but it ended on a high in Maidstone. As all things must.

Maidstone lost the battle to NOT be the administrative centre for Kent, and the centre carries the scare of the worst excesses of 1960s town planning (see also : Ashford, Gillingham, Sittingbourne etc etc). Did ANYTHING good come out of the ’60s ? (apart from me).

But in parts it’s very attractive.

And I’m sure that Peugeot garage overlooking the River Len (what ?) will make a lovely Brunning & Price, something Maidstone sorely lacks.

Maidstone town centre is a good example of the old adage “Look up”.
While the Stag is a good example of “Make sure you go in the right entrance“.

Approaching from Middle Row (the one where they put the dustbins) I found myself entering a little cafe where I looked stupidly for handpumps before realising I’d taken the wrong back door. Re-entering via the front door gave you a real local’s pub run by Rockin Robin, so I petulantly went for the Old Dairy (NBSS 3) anyway.

I bet Pauline hasn’t been in here, but if she does she can take some photos for me. I was too scared.

As I left (via the front), I found the door locked, and a local had to come and open up for me. They locked it after I left. Were they expecting a visit from BRAPA ?

6 thoughts on “A STAG DAY IN MAIDSTONE

  1. I have been in there but not since lockdown ( last time we visited we sat outside to observe Maidstones finest going about their business ) -Mr Sharp is not too keen on Rockin Robin beers but would probably had an Old Dairy too -i think you were correct in your observations & the cafe next door would have greeted you with enthusiasm -very friendly & lovely clean toilet

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      1. We live fairly close to another Rockin Robin pub -Rockin Robin on the green -near Maidstone hospital -we don’t visit often ,partly to do with the beer ,but mainly due to it being a bit of a “regulars ” pub where they seem to enjoy being barflies which is annoying -shame really because it is a tidy pub

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