On to our FREE camping pitch for the night, the car park for Brill Windmill (and the Pheasant Inn, truth be told).

I think we win “Best Free View From A Campervan” this month.

How many people know about Brill Windmill ? Not a lot, I’d wager. I’ve been telling Mrs RM for years it’s the windmill in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but that’s a fib.

I’m obliged to admit that Mrs RM’s photos are better than mine (here).*

While she weighed up her options for a late night “comfort break” (I still use that Triple fff carry-out), I explored a village I knew I’d been to at least twice pre-blog.

So I searched my own site;

Sounds like a recommendation.

Yards from our pitch, the Pheasant looked scruffier than you’d expect, but was packed with diners, so I headed to the heart of the Home Counties.

It feels a bit other-worldly and isolated from modern life, with Ye Olde Duck Decoys and medieval villages and cows at the door of the pub, but you’re barely 2 miles from the M40. You’ll just never find your way onto it.

The real target of my ire back whenever was the Pointer, a gastro which seemed to have acquired a hotel across the road and lost any sense of pubbiness.

In 2017 BRAPA wrote; “Another Dad/Daughter combo had arrived, she was whining so Dad gave her a bite of a sausage roll in a paper bag that looked suspiciously Greggs (surely not in Brill?) and the staff looked horrified.” 

I wasn’t going back now to see if it had changed, but an hour later Mrs RM bullied (bullied !) me into a beer at the Pheasant, which by 21:00 had got shot of the gentlefolk diners and had a decent buzz about it.

And a local beer, brewed on the very edge of the village ! Tucked away amidst ale from Cornwall and West Yorkshire, mind.

Two halves of (V)ale please” I said, mucking up the joke as you can’t speak in brackets.

It was fresh and cool, easily NBSS 3, but somehow I wasn’t convinced by it.

But the warmth of the staff, the pointless banter, and the constant coming and going for fag breaks; I can live with that.

*WARNING : Contains photos of cushions with inspirational sayings.

15 thoughts on “IT’S BRILL

  1. I always had a visit to Brill in the back of my mind, ever since we had a goalkeeper at Luton Town whose surname was Brill but whose talents were not quite equal to it. But your “somehow I wasn’t convinced by it” has put me off. Perhaps I should pretend I didn’t read it. La-la-la-la-la…

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  2. Pheasant used to do an excellent pint of Landlord in 2019, gone downhill on the ale, lovely view though. You’ve been near to where I live, could have gone for a pint. It wasn’t your campervan in the Akeman carpark last night, was it?


  3. You’d have been disappointed, the Akeman had no cask on yesterday, had to drink Meantime pale but that meant I knew they would have a fresh cask of Pride on today. Caneletto over the road does a good pint of Brill Gold, usually 3.5 and the Doombar can be good as well. Best ale round here ss the Swan, Grendon Underwood but he only puts it on on Thursday and if it is popular he can run out over the weekend, but consistant 3.5 to 4. Betty Stoggs is on tomorrow.


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